Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunflowers N Hummingbirds!

Up the street where I lived many moons ago, is a field of sunflowers. I believe these are from the days when Natorp grew them there, and these are the remainders...just growing along as they please! It seems this is the closest local spot to photograph them as people photographing come from miles around to do so! Some bring their high school senior girls and stick them amidst the flowers for special shots!! All in all, it's a ton of fun! Here's a couple of my shots....

Then, several days later, I managed a three hour drive to visit my friend in Indiana. She had told me that MANY hummingbirds visit her feeders, and that they keep her hopping daily just re-filling them with their special homemade nectar! And she was RIGHT! We saw TONS of hummingbirds, sometimes 5-8 at a time swarming a feeder! I managed a couple of shots but was unhappy not to have enough flash gear with me! Here are a shot or two:

Yep, the ones moving are LOTS harder to photograph!

All in all, I seem to be doing lots more photography in Ohio than I was in Florida! Go figure! Maybe it's the friends in OH I have that accompany me and help get me 'out there'.....
Keep Shooting!

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